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Maintenance: more than planning and accounting

Maintenance: more than planning and accounting

We start the 2019 year with a big update of the Maintenance module in the Gelios fleet management platform.

A brief overview of the Maintenance module in this article.

The module is intended for planning and vehicle maintenance control, cost accounting, and also for predicting the onset of a maintenance date.

Maintenance planning and forecasting

Maintenance planning is done by creating plans.

The plan includes:

  • Selection of units for which plan is created
  • Indication of various types of work
  • Indication of the cost of all works and necessary materials
  • Specification of data on the last maintenance

Depending on the availability of mileage counter and engine hours counter for each type of work, it is possible to select the Calculation Algorithm:

  • Date
  • Period of time
  • Mileage
  • Mileage period
  • Engine hours
  • Engine Hours period

Creation of maintenance plan

Gelios system predicts the maintenance date on the basis of the current counters' data and data of the last maintenance specified in the plan when using the calculation algorithms by mileage and engine hours. Recalculation of data is carried out daily.

Monitoring and accounting of maintenance

Maintenance performing is carried out in the tab "Schedule", which is a table of all works of units for the period +/- 30 days by default.

Monitoring and accounting of maintenance

The table shows data on the status of work, maintenance date, type of work, calculation algorithm and the cost of maintenance.

Maintenance Status:

  • Nearest – records on the planned maintenance works for the next 5 days from the current date;
  • Planned – records on the planned maintenance works for more than 5 days from the current date;
  • Done – records on the completed maintenance works;
  • Overdue – planned maintenance records that were not completed at the planned time.

The system provides the possibility of performing work as for one unit as for several units with the same type of work, which will undoubtedly simplify the work of the manager of a large fleet.

Maintenance Performing

Information on the current state of the fleet, work performed and their expenses of the previous month, planned work for the next 30 days can be obtained on the dashboard as for all plans as for each plan separately.

monitoring of maintenance


Creating notifications becomes easier, thanks to the predicted maintenance date. To create a notification, you only need to select units, specify the type of notification “Maintenance” and the number of days left until maintenance when the user should be notified.


The Maintenance Report contains full information on the work performed on the units, taking into account the planned and actual costs of work and materials.

Detailed information on the Maintenance module in our documentation.

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