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GPS Tracking Devices and Additional Hardware

Gelios tracking system support different types of hardware. These include: vehicle GPS trackers , various personal GPS trackers, as well as mobile applications. By means of additional hardware in the form of sensors connected to gps tracking device, user of Gelios vehicle tracking system is able to control fuel consumption (fuel level sensor, rate-of-flow transmitter, the absolute flow sensor), as well to monitor key performance indicators of the vehicle status (temperature sensor, alarm status sensor, pressure sensor, sensor of access control, as well various digital sensors).

List of hardware compatible with Gelios

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* Please contact technical support if you can't find your hardware in the list:

The integration of new hardware takes place as soon as possible, allowing you to implement a system in your business quickly and efficiently.

Through partnership with one of the largest producers of hardware Arusnavi LLC, GeliosSoft company provides a full range of services: software, hardware and sensors.

Vehicle GPS tracker (car tracker) – kind of GPS hardware for vehicles which allows you to track units in real-time

Personal GPS Tracker – kind of GPS hardware designed to locate employees, children, the elderly, pets, bikes, valuable luggage, etc.

Mobile Application – use your smartphone as a GPS tracker that allows Gelios system to track user's movement of the mobile device in real-time.