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Fuel Consumption Control

Fuel is one of the major costs of transport maintenance. And for the majority of the fleet owners it’s the main headache. The lack of suitable fuel control often leads to its inappropriate expenditures. Gelios vehicle tracking system is the optimal solution for fuel consumption control. You will be able to exclude the possibility of manipulation with fuel by employees, reduce costs, optimize the efficiency of vehicles.

How is the fuel consumption control performed in Gelios system?

The system processes the data received by special fuel level sensors which fix fuel amount in the tank. In case of fuel drain, the system will point at the exact time and volume of theft. The system also eliminates the possibility of manipulation with receipts at petrol stations, refueling by cheaper fuel on the track because it captures all the data of fuel entry: time, location and volume. Available opportunity to customize notifications of changes in the level of fuel and other parameters. With flexible reporting system, user can analyze the fuel consumption parameters, compare the actual fuel consumption of the unit with norm of expenditure and, if necessary, edit a fuel consumption rate.

Therefore, Gelios vehicle tracking system allows to:

An important factor in increase of fuel consumption and vehicle wear is driving style.