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Driving Quality Control

For most companies, vehicle is an essential tool for achieving the goals. And very important whom you will trust this tool. After all, from the driving quality depends not only the safety of vehicles but cargo safety.

Using Gelios system, you can assess driving quality of the employee from the first working day. Driving quality control will reduce the chance of an accident ensure, cargo safety, reduce vehicle wear and even save fuel.

Assessment of driving quality is carried out on the following parameters:

User can estimate how many times the driver has made a dangerous maneuver, hard braking or acceleration, as well as speeding for a certain period of time. And a detailed viewing of violations allows user to see on the map where the offense was committed and when.

Additional expansion card "GeliosDriveSensor" produced by partner company "Arusnavi" LLC is intended for registration and a detailed analysis of driving style data, signaling of traffic accident and automatic recording of driving parameters and collision.

The device is capable of storing information about the collisions, including the history and prehistory of each collision which represent a track that contains the coordinates, time, speed, direction and acceleration in three axes at each point.