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Individual system customization for integrator

Gelios tracking system designed with the wishes of a large number of integrators, which allows correspond to real practical requirements of the market. Technical flexibility allows to fine-tune the desired functionality.

The GeliosSoft company provides the ability of individual customization of the system for integrator:

Customization (Branding)
Customization (Branding)
  • Integrator’s logotype;
  • Assignment of own domain;
  • Customization of mobile apps (White Label)
Integration to other systems
Integration to other systems
  • Retranslators;
  • Communication via API;
  • Connection of additional services based on SDK

Connection of additional services based on SDK

However much we tried to expand the functionality of the system, it's impossible to foresee all the specificity of business problems, that's why Gelios system provides the ability to add your own applications developed on the basis of SDK. We do not limit our customers in volume of the data receiving and methods of using them. All of it allows you to create your own additional services and applications, making them most informative and useful. The connection of additional services is made through the admin interface.